Wet Room Design and Fitting in Derby

When we design and fit wet rooms, the entire floor area and the shower walls are waterproofed. We can turn an entire room into a wet room or just a section of the room, depending on the size of the room and your requirements.

Wet-room floors can not only be tiled but, alternatively, a vinyl safety floor can be fitted. Also, the walls do not have to be tiled, they can be fitted with wall panels. Wall panels are offered in a choice of colours, and the choice of patterns is extensive and will suit most tastes.

Converting it to a wet room can make your bathroom a more attractive space; often, a shower is installed where a traditional shower tray may not have been viable. It does not matter whether the current floor is wooden or concrete, we can install a wet room on either surface. A wet room will also protect your home from moisture damage and leaks.

Wet Rooms for the Disabled

A wet room can prove to be an ideal solution for anyone with mobility issues who requires assistance when showering. Probably the most important benefit of a wet room is providing easier access to the shower area for people with a disability and wheelchair users.

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